“Wayfarer, there is no path, you make the path as you go.”
Robert & Daisy Kunstaetter
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Researching and writing this book were both a delight and a great deal of work. The very generous and capable assistance of many different people made our task easier and the experience all the more enjoyable. We offer our sincere thanks to all of the following:

The late Yossi Brain, a sorely missed friend, provided invaluable inspiration. Yossi, we are so sorry you are not here to see the result! Lou Jost helped us in more ways than we can list, foremost among them with his friendship and encouragement. He also reviewed the entire manuscript on very short notice, as well as supplied specialist contributions (flora and fauna, Mountain-Toucan), a photo, and an illustration. Popkje van der Ploeg provided her excellent editorial skills, translated this website to Dutch, and flawlessly coordinated the efforts of other contributors. They include Kerry Alley, Miguel Cazar, and Luís and Elisabeth Reyes; all are professional guides who conscientiously researched a number of treks. Kevin Burkhill greatly enhanced this book with his charming illustrations; he donated the entire proceeds of his effort to a conservation organization working in Ecuador.

We are grateful to the following specialists who either contributed or reviewed sections in their respective areas of expertise: Craig Downer (Mountain Tapir and páramo), Dr. Minard (Pete) Hall and Dr. Patricia Mothes (geology and vulcanology), Dr. Stephen Bezruchka (medicine), Dr. Steve Manock and Ana María Velasco (snakes).

We thank Grace and Marcelo Naranjo as well as Susana Bermeo for keeping things running while we were off trekking. Also Michael Resch for finding and photographing the mural, as well as translating this website to German. We are likewise grateful to Olivier Mandel for preparing the French translation. Special thanks to Craig Kolthoff and Sincuerda.net for hosting this website and for valuable technical assistance.

We are grateful to Dr. Nelson Gómez, president of the Centro Internacional de Estudios de los Espacios y Sociedades Andinas (CIESA), for his ongoing guidance and unwavering support. We likewise acknowledge the auspices of Ecuador's Ministerio de Turismo. Our thanks also go to project editors Laura Slavik and Julie Van Pelt, copy editor Lois Kelly, and the entire team at The Mountaineers; it is a pleasure to work with such dedicated professionals.

For their hospitality and assistance along the trail we thank: Familia Apunte, David Beatty, Oswaldo Cedeño, Familia Coronel, Graciela Jaramillo, Familia Lara, Elías Lascano, Gonzalo Llerena, Fernando Manzano, Luís Miranda, Gavin Moore, Rigoberto and José Musha, Familia Naranjo, Charlie and Sarah Nodine, Antonella Ronco, Familia Salazar, and Daniel Villacís.

Other people who helped in many different ways include: Boris Aguirre, Jorge and Mariana Alvarez, Carlos Andi, Katherine Baccala, Patricio Ballesteros, Jean Brown, Gastón Bucheli, Chris Canaday, Michel Cartalat, Ciro Cazar, Nancy Cifuentes, Rodrigo Donoso, Eva Ehrenfeld, Margaret Foster, Prof. Dick Gerdes, Mark Honigsbaum, Roberto Isacovici, Carla Játiva, Ron Jones, Harry Jonits, Paul Jost, Irene Kunstaetter, Nelson and Zoila Lema, Ilse Luraschi, Xavier and Beatrice Malo, Jaime and Durga Mendoza, Rodrigo Ocaña, Ricardo Ordoñez, Silvia Ortega, Roland Quencez, William Reyes, Dr. John Rosenberg, Johnny Saltos, Carmen Sánchez, Kay Sibbald, Ricardo Soto, Kate Stephens, Robert Strauss, Margaret Sullivan, Rodrigo Tapia, Eloy Torres, Alfonso Vallejo, and Thomas Walsch.

We have shared many special moments over the years with our trekking companions, friends and relatives who (at times willingly) joined us for a walk. The experience was always memorable.