“Wayfarer, there is no path, you make the path as you go.”
Robert & Daisy Kunstaetter
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"Your guide book Trekking in Ecuador is an extraordinary and excellent reference for hikers and tour operators."

– Freddy Ramírez
Sierra Nevada Expeditions, Quito, Ecuador

Great start for trekking Ecuador
"I have been to Ecuador a number of times, but I didn't know what I was missing until I purchased "Trekking in Ecuador". Contained in this book is all of the information you need to plan a great trekking advanture to Ecuador. The treks are easy to follow and offer some of the greatest scenery in the world. Ecuador stole my heart on my very first visit, and with this book I was able to see even deeper into her soul."

– Harold Maddock, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Amazon.com, February 28, 2005

A necessity to any trekker in Ecuador
"Robert and Daisy have compiled an incredible book not only in its diversity of trekking options, but in the quality, accessibility and remoteness of each one. I used this book religiously during my time in ecuador and was constantly amazed with the detail each trek description provided from start to finish. This book took uncertainty out of the equation and made independent trekking very accessible and incredible. I will never forget the beauty i saw in ecuador, and I owe my experience in part to Robert and Daisy."

– John Booth, Toronto, Canada
Amazon.com, September 21, 2004

"Les felicito por la pagina de los Llanganates dentro de esta pagina web. Mi nombre es Bertha Luisa Brunner, soy hija del Prof. Eugene Konrad Brunner Willen, arqueologo, dedicado durante mucho tiempo a la busqueda del tesoro de Atahualpa en los Llanganates. Me ha gustado mucho el sitio web y les felicito una vez mas."

– Bertha L Brunner

If you are Trekking in Ecuador: You Need This Book!
"This book is a must have for those interested in trekking in Ecuador. It provides numerous hikes that are broken down into ranges of difficulty. These treks will get you off the beaten path and into undiscovered Ecuador where you can see the real Ecuador and meet its enchanting people. We are Peace Corps volunteers in Ecuador and learned about this great book from other volunteers. It keeps getting passed down from one group to the next."

– Meg and Staley Heatly, Cuenca, Ecuador
Amazon.com, March 11, 2004

Passed the boot test with flying colours.
"I recently spent a month trekking in Ecuador with this guidebook and I would recommend it to anybody interested in hiking in this beautiful country. There is something for everyone with short dayhikes near travelling hubs, week long treks through remote mountains, hikes that end in hotsprings and hikes that take you in search of the elusive Ecuadorian wild orchid. This guidebook contains all the information you need to set out on your own and the hikes I did were unforgetable. I waited untill Quito to buy a guidebook so I could compare all the books available and I can say now that this is, by far, the best hiking guide for the country. I will be back in Ecuador to walk some more of the beautiful trails described in Trekking in Ecuador."

– Kate Haxton,Vancouver, Canada
Amazon.com, January 30, 2004

"Robert and Daisy Kunstaetter have helped countless travelers realize ambitions of going beyond the beaten track ... They put treks in their proper context. They give the trekker the confidence to be completely self-sufficient if he or she so desires—or to choose a group led by experienced guides ... In other words, this book is blunder-proof."

– Ben Box, editor
South American Handbook

"Trekking in Ecuador is well researched ... I thoroughly enjoyed it. And it really made me want to break in a new pair of hiking books and get back out on the wonderful trails of Ecuador."

– Jean Brown, partner
Safari Tours, Quito, Ecuador

"De todo corazón les felicito y les agradezco el hacer conocer al mundo las bellezas que tiene el Ecuador."

– Treber Yesid Arellano
Guanupamba, Imbabura, Ecuador

" ... May I congratulate you on producing such an interesting book. Good luck with your trekking and future endeavours."

– Kevin Burkhill
Birmingham, England

"Llegaron los primeros turistas donde nosotros que compraron su nueva guia del trekking. Les encantó su trabajo profesional que ustedes han hecho con todo los datos y detalles. Ellos dicen que es la mejor información sobre Ecuador que han visto."

– Beatrice Malo, partner
Montaruna Tours, Cuenca, Ecuador

"Your book was very impressive, and Ecuador was beautiful. We were astonished
with how detailed and specific the descriptions of the hikes were. My friend and I don't
think that it would be possible to get lost with your book."

– David Morales
Houston, Texas, USA

"Thanks for writing such a great guide!"

– Ian Cable
Montreal, Canada

"Cuando me enteré de su libro me pareció genial que por fin podamos contar con un material sobre las caminatas y posibles rutas en el Ecuador."

– Xavier Contreras P.
Cuenca, Ecuador

"Your book is excellent for preparing trips in Ecuador. Thank you very much!"

– Hilbert Roukema
The Netherlands

"Tuve la oportunidad de ojear su nuevo libro en manos de uno de mis clientes y me pareció muy bien. ¡Felicitaciones!"

– Iván Suárez, proprietor
Suni Tours, Otavalo, Ecuador

"Thanks for a great book. It is well needed, and I don't know where I would hike here without it."

– David Jessop
Quito, Ecuador